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Discover the taste of different traditional Trappist cheeses. The cheese platter is for 2 to 3 persons.

Westmalle 2+ 🇧🇪

Two months of maturing produces a smooth, semi-hard Trappist cheese.

Westmalle 12+ 🇧🇪

After twelve months of patient waiting and daily turning of the cheese, the result is an intense colour, a concentrated aroma and a complex taste experience. Spicy without being salty.

Chimay Grand Cru 🇧🇪

Semi-hard trappist cheese from whole milk. Has an ochre-coloured, washed, bacteriologically living crust, with a smooth, creamy consistency and with a correlated white wine, slightly piquant flavour.

Orval 🇧🇪

The production of Orval's Trappist cheese takes place under the supervision of the monastic community of the Abbey. It is made from pasteurised whole milk from the Gaume region. Orval cheese is a soft creamy cheese with a spicy taste.

La Trappe Quadrupel 🇳🇱

In this characteristic cow's milk cheese with organic ingredients, the strongest La Trappe beer has been added in a very modest way. During the different maturation processes you experience a certain competition when tasting between the beer and the cheese. That makes this cheese very surprising in taste.

We cannot guarantee that all these cheeses will be available. Due to the scarcity, another alternative Trappist cheese will be added.


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