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Stift Engelszell Zwickl 33cl


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Stift Engelszell Zwickl - Trappist - 🇦🇹 - 33cl - blond - Alc. 4,7% Vol.

This Trappist beer presents itself in amber hues and with fruity aromas from top-fermenting yeast. The fine dry note and the aroma of fresh hops are due to the use of hops from the Mühlviertel in northern Upper Austria. The light, full-bodied taste of this Zwickl beer already heightens the anticipation of the next sip and does not suggest that this beer contains only 4.7% alcohol by volume. The alcohol content of 4.7% vol. is typical for such an unfiltered and unpasteurised beer in Austria. Every beer lover will enjoy the pleasure of the sparkling sensation on the tongue. The German name Zwickl Bier is derived from the sample valve on the storage tanks, which is used for sampling. These sampling valves were always used by the brewers to sample the unfiltered beer in the tank and are still in use to check the quality of the beer.

(Engelszell Abbey, Engelhartszell, Austria)

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