Egg shampoo with marigold 250 ml

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    Eggs have an acidity (PH value) that is close to the natural acidity of the scalp and have a high content of nutrients such as proteins, amino acids, fatty acids and vitamins B8 and B11. Egg shampoo ensures volume and shine for the hair and restores the natural fat balance in the hair. The original egg shampoo recipe was enriched with marigold. This plant is found in almost all abbey gardens. After all, marigold has been used in tinctures and ointments for centuries because of its anti-inflammatory, wound-healing, soothing and skin-repairing properties. TRAPP. marigold egg shampoo combines the nourishing properties of eggs with the beneficial effects of marigold. The result is a soft, velvet shampoo that nourishes and strengthens the hair and scalp at the same time.

    Available in bottles of 250ml. 

    Abbey Onze Lieve Vrouw van Nazareth (Brecht), Belgium