Hand pump Aloe Vera soap

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    This liquid hand soap with natural aloe vera extract moisturizes. amazingly.

    In Greco-Roman antiquity, aloe vera was used as a pain reliever and skin care agent. Because the plant was attributed medicinal properties, aloe vera as a potted plant also got a permanent place in many abbeys and was also called 'silent healer'. Aloe vera has a cleansing and nourishing effect on the skin and strengthens the skin's natural hydration. Therefore, the traditional soap recipes were enriched with natural extract of aloe vera. The products are scented with a fresh floral perfume. The result is a line of products where the moisturizing properties of aloe vera come into their own.


     Only. available in 300ml.

    Abbey Onze Lieve Vrouw van Nazareth (Brecht), Belgium


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