Rosé  Trappist wine Dulce de Misa 50cl

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    Bottle of rosé wine from a Spanish Trappist abbey located in Carcastillo.

    The Cistercian monks have been making wine in La Oliva, located in Carcastillo, a small village in southern Navarre, for over 900 years. Today it is the only monastery in Spain where the monks are the owners of the winery and till this day they produce their own wine.

    This rosé mass / dessert wine clearly reminds us of the monks, but on the other hand, it's a wine open to the entire public. It is a sweet rosé wine. All sugars in this wine are natural. Ideal to drink with a dessert.


    Our 50cl and 75cl beer bottles are packed in reinforced boxes per 6, 12 or 18 pieces,  this to ensure that the products are delivered  undamaged  to your home.      When making your own package, please take this into account.


    Available in 50cl.

    Monasterio De La Oliva, Spain