Stift Engelszell: Weiße 33cl

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    Weisse Hell - 🇦🇹 - 33cl - blond - Alc. 4,9% Vol.

    A clear Weizen beer with only  4.9% alcohol. The beer was added to their range in 2019. Mainly for the Austrian and German market. It is brewed with a mixture of wheat, lager and caramel malt. Creamy, full of beer. The only Weisse in the whole Trappist beer range. 


    Our 33cl beer bottles are packed in reinforced boxes per 12 or 18 pieces, to ensure that the products are delivered to you undamaged. If you compose a Trappist beer package yourself, please take this into account.


    The Trappists / monks are known worldwide for their traditional way of brewing. Quality is above quantity.  

    Three ATP-criteria 

    A member abbey applying to the IVT to use the ATP label for a Trappist® product must meet each of the following three guidelines: 

    1. All products must be made within the immediate surroundings of the abbey.  

    2. Production must be carried out under the supervision of the monks or nuns.

    3. Profits should be intended for the needs of the monastic community, for purposes of solidarity within the Trappist Order, or for development projects and charitable works.

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