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    Tribute Box

    A story to taste. 

    Treat yourself, a family member, friend or business associate with a new story to taste and share.              

    The Trappist® Tribute Box is a pampering box - a box full of enthusiasm and history - that is neatly delivered at your doorstep. 

    Unique: never before had the Trappists given permission for such an initiative.

    This Trappist® Tribute Box pays tribute to one of the Trappist abbeys, in particular the Priory of Klaarland and the Achelse Kluis. With the box you discover the story of the abbey while you taste it. The booklet is in Dutch

    Content of the box :

    • Where does the name Trappist actually come from?  A fascinating guide tells you the big and small stories about the history of no less than 2 recognized Trappist abbeys.

    • Culinary journalist Wim Swinnen assesses food pairings made by a Belgian top chef.

    • Trappist connoisseur and enthusiast Jef Van den Steen tasted and assessed the Trappist beers for us.

    • A bottle of Trappist and  a accompanying glass gives you the optimal beer experience at home.

    • A special Trappist product shows you a different side of the Trappist world.

    " Trappists and Trappistines lead a simple life in their abbeys, a life in which prayer and work are central: ora et labora. They manage and make handcrafted products and articles, in the immediate environment of the monastery. In this way, they support themselves as well as projects in developing lands and works of charity.  "