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Sion Tripel Monastery Beer


The Zion Tripel 8%

 Now this is what you call a real Tripel. Beautiful blond color, fruity and slightly spicy in the nose, slightly sweet, pleasantly bitter in taste and with a long soft finish. A beer where all the ingredients are perfectly balanced.

Brewed in a former Trappist abbey!

We honor the tradition of the Trappists, in many ways. Brewery Nieuw Sion is located within the walls of the monastery and we work from the working community of the monastery in the brewery. With the proceeds from the sale of this beer, we keep this unique religious heritage alive and maintained.

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New Zion Abbey

At the monastery, we live by the belief that all good things, like brewing beer, take time. They are natural processes that cannot be rushed. From the grain in the field to the beer in your glass. The beer is ready when the beer is ready, not before. In addition, a good beer is all about balance, really just like in life. Because that too is important, finding the balance between what you do, your work, time for yourself, relaxation, but also depth and meaning. So take your time. Enjoy our beer, alone or with friends.

We brew our beers in the traditional, artisanal way where all natural processes are given time. Monastery Nieuw Sion is traditionally a farm monastery and even now we prefer to work with grain and hops from the immediate area. What is left over after brewing, the brewings, goes to a nearby farm as fodder.

We don't work under pressure, literally. We let the beer ferment naturally, without haste. Nothing is forced. Even in the bottle, in the warm room, the beer is given time to re-ferment after which it matures for a few more weeks. We also do this in wooden barrels, called Barrel Aging. These barrels remain in the vaulted cellars of the monastery for a few months to six months until they are ready. These are the more exclusive beers that are only available in limited editions a few times a year.


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