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Trappist beer shampoo

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In the Kempen Trappist abbeys, it foams! The sisters of Brecht make soap products and the Westmalle fathers make Trappist beer. The Westmalle Dubbel, brewed barely five kilometres from Brecht Abbey, was added to a quality shampoo made by the Trappist Sisters and thus the TRAPP. Trappist beer shampoo was developed. Beer has components that are beneficial for health, for the skin and for the hair. The polyphenols in beer generally protect against ageing and have an antibacterial effect. Also the vitamins, oligo-elements and minerals... have positive effects for the hair and skin.

The Trappist beer shampoo is a gentle and beneficial shampoo for all hair types with a modestly sweet fragrance.  

 Available in 330ml bottles.

(Abbey of Our Lady of Nazareth, Brecht, Belgium)

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1 rating for Trappist beer shampoo

  1. Kenny Hermans -

    Delicious Shampoo!

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