Wat zijn Trappist© producten?

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"Trappists are monks and nuns who put their lives at the service of praying and working in a community life. At the same time they are part of the modern market economy: they produce and sell food and other articles. They fulfill this role in a way that suits them : ethical and transparent, with an eye for the human aspect and the environment. Producing and doing business are still supervised by the Trappists, and many of them still cooperate themselves. "

International Trappist Association


A small portion of what the monks and nuns produce in their abbey is for their own use. The majority is intended for sale. With the proceeds, the Trappists and Trappistines meet the needs of their monastic community. They spend what remains on gifts. For example, they support development projects at home and abroad or offer assistance to people in need.

International Trappist Association

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